Rooted in tradition, created with elegance and developed in a socially responsible way, Nectar Nectar wants to be instrumental in fulfilling people’s dreams and creating success stories. Designed in New York and made in India, this in not your typically emerging designer jewelry label.
While the collection is made up of sophisticated pairings of metals, stones and colors to make undeniably chic earrings, necklaces and bracelets, their aesthetic combined with their story is what makes the brand special. 
Run by entrepreneur and artist Anju Bansal along with a core team that offers their own expertise to the business, the brand launched in 2017 with the goal of empowering communities by employing female artisans. Their success stories of confidence, management and breaking through gender traditions is admirable and has also proven to be life-changing. Fueled by their non-profit, the Nectar Foundation, these women participate in programming the covers education, mentorship, employment and infrastructure.

 "We want to be instrumental in fulfilling people’s dreams, creating success stories. We want to maximize our potential for the benefit of others. We would like to be known for the impact Nectar Nectar makes to the artisan communities."

Their spring 2018 collection is inspired by the local culture and features the ‘dokra’ metal casting technique which is an age-old, artistic technique introduced in contemporary jewelry. You’ll also see tassle earrings, striking pendants crafted with genuine gemstones like tigers eye and lapis and malachite. The brand is also mindful of their carbon footprint and uses a range of metals and natural materials such as fresh water pearls, cords, threads, silk, cotton, jute and glass.

Their supply chain is quite organic too. Inspired by the transformation from nectar to honey, Nectar Nectar believes that there’s a symbiotic relationship between the customers that embrace high end artisanal products, the passionate people that bring these two groups together and of course, the artisans.