Sacred Jewelry

Nectar Nectar Sacred Jewelry

Embody the sacred in you with Nectar Nectar jewelry

Made from women for women, our jewellery combines the mystical and the practical, the ceremonial and the mundane, all aspects of the woman of today into pieces of wearable art.

Being a fully embodied woman means to embrace all facets of you. The royal and the mother, the dreamer and the lover, the passionate and the compassionate, the visionary and the playful, all at the same time.

Each piece of our jewellery enhances different qualities in you. Grounded in the healing qualities of the hand-picked crystals from around the world that have been prescribed from our healers, it connects you to the century-old techniques of India through our artisans and adds a touch of contemporary style in your life from our fashion designers in New York. 

There is no one piece similar to the other, as there is no one woman like another!

With this Sacred Jewelry collection we invite you to ignite your passion, ground in your life, connect to your nature and expand your reality through 12 unique archetypal collections with different traits… Which trait will you choose as yours next?


Ignite your passion

Passion & Fire


Primal Goddess – spiritual passion
Primal Goddess is seduced by the royal rebel, all that is primal, wild and unstoppable. Molten creative heat birthed while bending metal , melting gold and birthing black volcanic soil.

Initiator – radiant passion
Empress of Ignition.  this collection is inspired by you born of raw, regal, royalty, majestic mane.

Muse – playful passion
Illuminating the free-spirited trailblazer Muse that embarks on a wild adventure into unchartered territory. She who treats the world as her playground. Colorful and innovative with a presence that is palpable.

Nectar Nectar

Ground in your life

Grounding & Earth


Lady of Communion – family life
Lady of Rich Luxuries, is most turned on by quality farm to table produce and glorious sleep-ins on a rainy day. If you so desire to indulge, this collection will take you to places that tickle all of your senses, while still looking Nectar sweet.

Priestess – spiritual life
Priestess of Terra Nova "Interlacing the ancestral into the mundane. Bridging the old stories with the existing time. Birther of the new earth divine visionary ancient soul who sees, prays, weaves and breathes new stories into the eternal present. I celebrate you, and all that you do.”

Creator/Destroyer – professional life
Queen of Hive Standards. This series was brought to life by you, Creatrix, CEO, Queen Bee… The CEO bridging new ideas into the world while boldly also using her voice to bring death to the old, for a new earth to be born.

Nectar Nectar

Connect to your nature


Great Mother – community
Hive of Ha Ra. Queen with a heart that drips a succulent nectar this world has not yet savored. Divine encounters materialize in your presence, for you bring all that is sweet and consistent into totality.

Queen of Depth – sexyness
Queen of Depth. Intimate waters of deep, dark, secret desires. This collection is a cello being played in Em to moanful and mouthful of dripping, delicate darkness. Nectar-licious.

Goddess of Compassion - softness
Queen of Compassion is a collection inspired by those who feel so much and so deeply. The highly sensitive and intuitive mermaid moon living life in motion.

Nectar Nectar



Wise Woman – your inner knowing
Inspired by ancient temples and the mesmerised well-read, travelled, multi-lengua, wise soul. This charismatic storyteller has plethora of poetry, philosophy and opulent nectar for the Soul.

Goddess of Love – your grace
Goddess of Love, sacred muse who lives for the grand gesture, the Parisian romance and the divine sacred union.Your presence is soft as the eternal bloom of life. You are worthy of being adorned with elegance and grace. Delicate and supple is your spirit that speaks without words. Petal by petal, you are undressed by life, unveiling yourself to humanity.

Dreamer/Weaver – your vision
Galactic Weaver of Dreams. This collection is inspired by the sensual sirens of aquarian energies and technology, fully coming online empowering communities, through innovation and centering relationships, building the Hive.