Our core Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Goals align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in 5 key areas:

(Goal 5)

Gender Equality

Women owned and managed with 95% of all employees being women.

We also believe in diversity and inclusivity. Currently employing people from all existing continents

(Goal 8)

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Around 80% of our workforce artisans who work in small scale workshops.

We provided full salary during COVID pandemic and compensation during their quarantine. 

100% of our gemstones are sourced by small scale miners with monitored working conditions.

(Goal 10)

Reduced Inequalities

We provide equal pay to everyone involved in our workforce. 

By 2025, we will implement policy for equal opportunity worldwide and ensure equal pay. 

We promote women in leading positions in our company to ensure there are more women in managerial positions globally

(Goal 12)

Responsible Consumption and Production

We are reducing our environmental footprint on the wider scale. 

We are accountable of all our actions and will report them in our annual sustainability report to portray our work towards the 'hive' economy.

We will reduce our waste generation and water usage by 2025. 

We will use recycled metals in our collection by 2023.

(Goal 13)

Climate Action

We care for the environment and supported projects including in Odisha, India for the reforestation of a nearly dead forest.

By 2023 we aim to partner with other organizations and allow our customers to contribute to reforestation for every purchase they make with us. 

By 2023, we will implement 100% biodegradable packaging

We ensure that all metals and gemstones are reused.