About Nectar Nectar Jewelry

Nectar Nectar was born out of a deep-rooted passion for developing self-sustaining communities. We engage talented artisans to hand-craft statement jewelry of uncompromising quality. Our collections showcase influences of rare, age-old traditional artistic techniques from around the world. Our designs are graced with intricate detailing along with 14k fine gold plating and accented with genuine gemstones. Known for her voguish use of natural materials, Nectar Nectar Jewelry embodies a contemporary aesthetic with a hint of rich traditions. Our design lab is based in New York and production centers, in India. 

Our Commitment

Nectar Nectar is a socially-conscious lifestyle brand. As part of the non-profit Nectar Foundation, we are committed to developing the ecosystem our artisans live in. Our holistic approach goes far beyond adhering to Fair Trade practices and donating a portion of our proceeds. We run comprehensive programs, including education, mentorship, employment and infrastructure - that impact our artisans, their families as well as their communities. In time, we hope to spark their potential to be the driving force for change themselves.