Nectar warrior Team

Nutan Roongta

Nectar Nectar is the essence of an ultimate goal. We are leaders who believe in the constant progression of our hive.

Anju Bansal

Our hive was born to give more empowerment to women and financial support. Women connect with each other through jewelry without even having to speak.

Aliki Ko

'I love the inclusivity and the flat organizational structure that creates a field of trust and expansion among all of us.

Emily Farthing

Being part of Nectar Nectar is like coming home. It's a place of beauty, art, inspiration and collaboration.

 Nectar Nectar bees

Nutan Roongta
Anju Bansal
Aliki Ko
Emily Farthing
Nidhi Podar
Shailendra Sathe
Leigh Sembaluk
Martin Overbeck
Vasishth Rajcoomar
Fabian Burgos
Reyna Bangera
Neeru Khanna
Nimit Roongta
Mansi Thaker

Advisors: Nazish Munchenbach, Alexandra Berthault,
Sudha Hingorani, Elena Poughia, Tessa Van de Ven.