Gold Arc Stud Drop Earrings

A half ellipse design makes these stud earrings a must have for every collection. Beautiful perfect big size to stand decently. Elegance in formal and casual attire.

Ceremonial Collection

The Ceremonial Collection is an opulent journey into wholeness.

As each archetype accompanies a zodiac sign Nectar Nectar brings remembrance that you are not limited to one sign, you are all of them, just in different aspects of your life. In a similar way you also embody different archetypes in distinct moments of your life. This collection is a path of discovery, acceptance and owning the Divine and powerful limitless being you are.

From the people
From the people
These earrings are a masterpiece. The quality and craft are awesome!!!
— Pat
From the people
These Earrings are so pretty and well-crafted. It always gets me a lot of compliments!
— Linda
From the people
I love this pendant. Simple and classic. I wear it everyday!
— Jaime