Libra / Goddess of love


SCORPIO/ Queen of Depth/ mutable water


SAGITTARIUS / Elements- Fire


New collection

Our Newest Archetypal Collection is destined for women across the world who are embodying the 12 energies of their empowered self. Represented by the zodiac signs and rooted in the cycles of nature and the cosmos, the 12 unique collections bring forth a new way of being a woman.  One that honours all life paths, includes all possible ways of being yourself, represents all colours and shapes that a woman can have and celebrates the divinity inside the female spirit.

Nectar Nectar in the media



Nectar Nectar New York

Nectar Nectar New York is an intentional global hive anchoring women's economic independence through artisanal gemstone jewelry that celebrates women's divinity. Nectar Nectar New York embodies a contemporary aesthetic, inspired by the world’s cultures and traditions, art and architecture.

Our Why

We believe in the economic independence and wealth security of all women so we work in a hive model of business that collaborates with multiple women internationally and collaboratively to give you demi-fine gold jewelry. Each piece is intentionally created taking into consideration the sustainability of the gemstone harvesting, their healing properties, and the empowering effects they will have on the woman who wears them.

Our People

We are an ever growing hive of professionals that was initiated from Nutan Roongta, followed by Priyam Jain and Anju Bansal, we are now proud to be more than 15 “bees” working passionately for the creation of the new Nectar Nectar. Among us: Aliki Ko, Leigh Sembaluk, Malika Avani, Emily Farthing, Memoona Waqar, Amrita Singhal, Jenny Wu, Dora Lafleur, Vasishth RajCoomar, Alexandra Berthault, Jessica Crytzer, Shailendra Sathe, Sudha Hingorani, Mansi Thaker.