The Community

Our partner organization Nectar Foundation runs several other programs to assist the development of the whole community. The following initiatives are currently underway.

Nectar Skills

Nectar Skills provides supplementary training programs in employable trade skills and life skills to community members. The goal is to transform millions of trainees into warriors who pave the path to growth for themselves, their family and the community.

Nectar Kids

Nectar Kids assists children’s personal, creative and athletic development through lessons in personal hygiene, communication, athletics and arts. The organization has proposed a community hall, which will be used as a training and recreation center. The goal is to help the overall development of these children.

Nectar Cow

The Nectar Cow project adopts neglected cattle and entrusts them to the elderly of the village for caretaking. The elderly take great pride and feel a sense of fulfilment in providing the cattle with loving care.

Nectar Agro

The Nectar Agro project aids farmers’ efforts by testing the soil for fertility, procuring seeds and related materials, acquiring funding, developing efficient processes to manufacture finished product and mediating links between them and world markets. The goal is to motivate farmers to cultivate organic food and industrial crops that are best suited to the natural environment.