About the hive

Nectar Nectar New York

Our Brand, People and concept

Our Misson

Nectar Nectar New York is an intentional global hive anchoring women's economic independence through artisanal gemstone jewelry that celebrates women's divinity.

Nectar Nectar is a woman-led company based in New York established in the year 2017. The company has branches in the United States and in India connecting East and West through purposeful fashion.

Our Why

We believe in the economic independence and wealth security of all women so we work in a hive model of business that collaborates with multiple women internationally to give you gold plated jewelry. Each piece is intentionally created taking into consideration the sustainability of the gemstone harvesting, their healing properties, and the empowering effects they have on the women wearing them.

Our Brand

Nectar Nectar New York jewelry is inspired by traditional art and crafts cultivating a community of passionate artisans, motivated by a supportive environment of growth, opportunities and a secure livelihood for every woman in the world.

Along the journey we have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Times Magazine et al. and have retailers at 100+ speciality boutiques and premium stores such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Free People; John Lewis, Anthropologie in UK; Slobe Iena, Strada, Papillonner in Japan.

Our People

We are an ever growing hive of professionals that was initiated from Nutan Roongta, followed by Anju Bansal. We are now proud to be more than 15 “bees” working passionately for the creation of the new Nectar Nectar. Among us: Aliki Ko, Emily Farthing, Leigh Sembaluk, Vasishth Rajcoomar, Martin Overbeck, Shailendra Sathe, Fabian Burgos, Reyna Bangera, and Mansi Thaker.

Our Hive

The hive model of business allows for multilateral collaboration and contribution. When you wear any of our pieces its empowering qualities are felt and you become part of the Nectar Nectar family of women supporting women. Every piece of jewelry acts as a catalyst for the women who make them and those who wear them.

Our Collection

Our  Sacred Jewelry Collection is about embracing all facets of being a fully embodied woman.  We combine the mystical and the practical, the ceremonial and the mundane into pieces of wearable art.  Each piece uses hand-picked crystals and gemstones combined with traditional techniques of India and contemporary style to connect women across the world. With the 12 unique archetypes and traits highlighted by the collection, we invite you to ignite your passion, ground in your life, connect to nature and expand your reality.  Which trait and collection will you choose to embody?


Our goal is to create new-era artisans inspired by traditional arts and also keep the traditional arts alive. We are empowering women to adopt new techniques of art creation that are very simple to adapt. We are enabling women with no experience with skills that help elevate their self-confidence so they can manage financial decisions for their family.

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