"I had a dream to study. It took backseat when I got married at 17 (now 29 yrs old) and later became mother of two sons. I am reliving it again at Nectar Nectar. I learnt to speak in English, working on computers, manage the team etc. I am an inventory manager now. I got an opportunity to represent Nectar Nectar at EPCH trade fair in Delhi where I could confidently talk to overseas buyers and State textile minister Mr. Ajay Tamta. Nectar Nectar empowered me to manage my dreams and responsibilities together in a better way. My family now respect my aspirations."

- Rupali Avdhute

"My sister made me join Nectar Nectar. I’m still very proud that I said yes to that change in my life. At the age of 24, I am a mother of two sons. I faced a lot of domestic violence in my in-law family and ran away one day. My elder son is still with them. I came to Pune alone after leaving my younger son with my parents. I didn’t have money for his education and upbringing. Nectar Nectar stood by me and gave me the confidence to fight against odds. I had joined Sales associate training with Nectar Nectar and got placed with a retail brand Cotton Village. Now, my parents and younger son live with me."

- Pallavi Sasane

"My biggest achievement at Nectar Nectar is the confidence to raise my voice for what I truly believe in. I was married at the age of 15 (Now 32yrs old). When my son got good grades in 10th standard, it was clear that our current financial situation will not be able to support his dreams. I started working at Nectar Nectar against the wishes of my family. Initially it was merely a job but now became an important part of my life. It introduced me to my true potential. I started with manufacturing jewelry but now take care of salary processing, Nectar Nectar database, financial inclusion of new trainees, performance management, admin etc."

- Shakuntala Palapure

"My daughter is my inspiration. She is pursuing B.Sc. Computer science. I want to work hard to provide her all the resources for her education." Nectar Nectar is her first workplace. Financial stability has made her confident. Today, she is open to sharing her passion for stitching and has started working on new designs.

- Savita