Distributeur Archetype Collection


$377.00 USD
SKU: NN0636

Written in the stars long before we can imagine Prophetic traveler, she who embarks on wild adventures into uncharted territories. A bridge between worlds bringing healing, alchemy, and righteousness. 11 Stone's come into ceremony to magnify your the sovereign brilliance. Duo of Black Onyx and Tiger's Eye anchors a protective shield while Amethyst, Rose quartz, aids in emotional relationship heart healing. Combined with the other exquisite pieces, Your power is magnified.

Materials: Black Onyx, Tiger's eye, Amethyst, Sea bamboo Coral, Abalone, Rose quartz, Lapis lazulli, Gold Sunstone, Moldavite, Ruby, Agate, Honey Jade, Glass bead, Blue Jasper, Crystal.