Element: Earth - Collection: Priestess - Trait: Grounding


Statement Necklace
Zodiac: Virgo - Zodiac Trait: Spiritual Life

What a solid foundation you are between worlds, dimensions, and ancient stories. You are worthy of the courage of Melachite, the endurance of Red Jasper, and the protection of Lapis Lazuli who all come together to magnify what already exists in your very presence. "Donyshee, I call upon your Divine spirit. Fill me and fill this space with your love and grace. Thank you for your remembrance and your sovereign presence. May we co-create in peace and power!"
$240.00 USD

Nectar Nectar Impact


Gemstones: Melachite, Lapis lazuli, Red Jasper, Green Jasper, Crystal, Seed beads, Agate, Wooden bead.

Measurements: L- 60.9 cm, + Chain ext 25.4 cm
SKU: 0600YP
Clean the product carefully with a non-abrasive dry cloth to maintain its shine.
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Durable and hypoallergenic, FTC approved 1/2 micron gold-plated over recycled brass. All natural genuine Gemstones (precious / semi- precious) could be treated to enhance color / brilliance.

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